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    Rest assured you can get the care you need here. Whether you are an existing, returning or new client you can be seen in the office or through telehealth.

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  • End troubling anxiety?
  • Decrease sympto ms of depression?
  • Improve your relationships both at home and at work?
  • Stop unhealthy habits for good?
  • End struggles with weight and eating?
  • Help your children increase their healthy habits and overall happiness?
  • Deal with Self-Esteem?
  • Stop getting into unhealthy relationships?
  • Find out why you feel so guilty all the time?
  • Learn how to deal with depression without medication?
  • Learn how to relax and deal with stress better?
  • Get to your Core Issues?
  • Put Your Life in Balance?

We can Help

We are a Cooperative of Independent Behavioral Health Practitioners providing Psychological, Counseling and Wellness services in Mars
(next door to Treesdale ; within 5 minutes of Cranberry , 15 minutes of Wexford & Gibsonia )

We also provide Telehealth services

Each of our providers has more than 10 years of experience.
They are sought after to provide supervision and/or consultation to
other therapists and providers in the area.

We value privacy and confidentiality
Many of our offices have private entrances.
Arrange with your therapist to come directly into your appointment, bypassing the waiting room.


Each of our therapists is able to provide confidential telehealth services.

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