Amana Carvalho, PsyD


It takes strength & courage to acknowledge personal shortcomings, painful experiences, & life stressors. I commend you for seeking professional help & I would be honored to be part of your journey of healing & self-improvement. I am a licensed clinical psychologist, lesbian, woman of color, & person with chronic health issues. I believe that, in addition to my professional training, these multiple identities & life experiences have enabled me to understand & help a variety of therapy clients. My therapeutic style is collaborative, egalitarian, & non-judgmental. The most significant aspect of treatment is our relationship.

I strive to create a safe space where individuals can process their life experiences, figure out who they are / what they value & develop healthier coping skills. I have experience working with individuals of diverse ethnic backgrounds & nationalities. As a staff psychologist in university counseling centers, I specialized in treating young adults.

I have helped clients address struggles with anxiety, depression, self-injury, low self-esteem, lesbian/gay/bisexual & transgender identity issues, family relationship difficulties, & eating disorders / negative body image. Lastly, I utilize a wellness / mind-body perspective in helping individuals process receiving medical diagnoses & learning to cope with chronic health conditions.

Dr. Carvalho received her Bachelors of Science degree in Psychology from The University of Pittsburgh. She received her Doctorate of Psychology degree in Clinical Psychology from The Virginia Consortium Program in Clinical Psychology. She completed her doctoral internship at The University of Pittsburgh Counseling Center. Following graduation, Dr. Carvalho worked at two university counseling centers before entering private practice.

To reach Dr. Carvalho, call 724-772-4949, ext 107


                                                                              Dr Carvalho is in-network with the following insurance companies:
Highmark, Anthem & Empire  Blue Cross/Blue Shield (BC/BS)
Optum/ United Behavioral Healthcare
                                              UPMC         (unfortunately not UPMC for You)

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