Community Involvement

Amana Carvalho, PsyD and Edward McGuinness, LPC will be on a panel discussion at Northland Library soon

March 19, 2015, Dr. Elaine Malec presented a lecture to the Nurse Practitioner Program at RMU entitled: Co-Dependency: An Overview. It covered the causes and characteristics, defense mechanisms, and treatments. Thanks to Kirstyn Kameg, DNP, PMHNP-BC, Professor of Nursing, AIME Program Director, PMHNP Program Coordinator for the opportunity.

For three years, our Community Activity in December under the leadership of Heidi Christy, LCSW working with the MHY Family Services donates filled stockings for the girls to enjoy on Christmas Day. In 2015, 40 stockings were filled and donated. Thanks Heidi for your help coordinating and delivering these gifts.

Dr Jaclyn Herring served on the steering committee for the Multiple Sclerosis - Women on the Move annual luncheons for the past 3 years. The Western PA Chapter of the National MS Society does exceptional work on behalf of those with MS and their families. Please visit them at

On September 14, 2013,PENED (The PA Educational Network for Eating Disorders) held their 3rd annual Footsteps For Recovery 5K Run/Walk and The Psychological Cooperative of Malec, Herring & Krause was there to support this very important group. We were represented by Dr. Elaine A. Malec and Dr. Elizabeth Krause. PENED was founded in 1984 by its Executive Director and an important colleague, Anita Sinicrope Maier, MSW. She has tirelessly advocated for increased awareness, support and education in the battle against these disorders. For more information about this important non-profit resource visit


Attending the ceremony on June 18, 2013 were the Psychological Cooperative members, Dr. Dick Miller, Donna Summers Moul, MSEd, PC, Dr. Robert Bartek, Cathyann Simmons, LPC, LMT, Debra Myers, Certified Stress Management Instructor, Dr. Elaine Malec, Dr. Jaclyn Herring and Dr. Elizabeth Krause and invited guest, Amy Travis. Mr. Charles Fordham, Amber's family member was able to attend the ceremony as well.

On June 18th, 2013, The Psychological Cooperative of Malec, Herring and Krause was proud to present our psychology scholarship to Amber Torrise, a senior high student from Seneca Valley High School as a way of "paying it forward" to an aspiring individual pursuing a career in the field of mental health. The ceremony was held at the practice location of 195 Crowe Ave, Mars, PA and was attended by Amber and her guardian, Charles Fordham. After a brief introduction by Dr. Malec, Amber was presented with the award followed by an informal reception where she got a chance to discuss her career plans and meet the providers. Photos were taken by Michelle Deemer from Michelle Deemer Photography.


Drs Elaine Malec & Elizabeth Krause with Highmark Caring Place Executive Director, Krista Ball
Malec, Herring and Krause is recognized by the Highmark Caring Place as a Community Partner


Dr Jaclyn Herring is recognized by the Greater Pittsburgh Psychological Association

Donna Summers Moul, Jacki Herring & Elizabeth Krause at the 2012 PA Educational Network for Eating Disorders, Footsteps for Recovery 5K Walk & Run 8

Dr. Krause at Earth Day Community Event with Malec, Herring & Krause volunteers.Collected trash along 2 stretches of road for Spring Clean up.

Team Alex Fund is a non-profit organization dedicated to restoring hope to children who dream of one day walking. The funds raised from the annual 5K provide funds to purchase specialized therapy devices and mobility equipment to youths and organizations that treat youths suffering from spinal cord illness or injury

In October, 2009 4-year-old Alex Brown's life was suddenly changed. After complaining about neck pain for just a few days, it progressed to where he had a fever and could not stand up. At the hospital, he was diagnosed with a mass in his spinal column, Spontaneous Spinal Epidural Hematoma, which required immediate surgery. The spinal cord was compressed and left him paralyzed. To support Alex and his family, the first Team Alex 5K/5 Mile Run/Walk was held in April, 2010. With the funds raised, the Brown family was able to purchase the RTI FES cycle and other equipment for Alex with the hope he will fully recover. The success of that event and the realization that many families of children affected by spinal cord illness or injury are in need of therapy and mobility devices not covered by insurance, led to the formation of the Team Alex Fund.

Dr. Krause is pictured with 2 volunteers who ran as part of the Malec, Herring & Krause sponsorship to raise money for Team Alex.

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