Marriage Survival: 5 Simple Tips for Tough Times

During these tough and uncertain economic times, marriages need to be proactive to help deal with the stress.  Here are 5 simple tips to keep your marriage in good condition.  If you aren’t doing them regularly, this is the time to make a commitment to them.  If you are, keep it up.

  1. Date night (cheap version):  You don’t have to go a fancy place.  Walk at the park will do (remember when you first met, you just wanted to be together) Being intentional about being together can strengthen the bond between you.  Trade off with other couples for babysitting can make going out without the kids less expensive.
  2. Increase the lines of Communication, especially about finances:  Remember the financial foundation of the family effects everyone.  The more you talk regularly about what’s going on, the better you and your spouse can adjust to changes.  When one partner is in the dark about the finances, it can really lead to a sense of betrayal and anxiety if problems arise.
  3. Husbands validate your wife’s feelings: It is important to NOT take their feelings personally. But, rather to listen to the heart of your partner without offering suggestions, fix-it tips or telling them “not to worry”.  Make an effort to draw out their concerns, this can communicate a genuine desire to “be there” for them.
  4. Women: validate your husband’s feelings, too.  Men are generally taught not to express their feelings. They are often rewarded in the area of work to hide their “real” feelings and to keep their emotions out of issues.   Make sure you can accept your partner’s own fears and doubts before encouraging them to open up and share.
  5. Learn how to confess your own faults and shortcomings and to forgive.  When a couple stops having conflict it doesn’t mean everything is ok, it often means they have stopped talking about real things.  This can only lead to more distance.

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