Telehealth is a growing option for many individuals and is reimbursed by some insurances (Highmark and UPMC currently in Pennsylvania). Telehealth means you are able to have therapy sessions using a HIPPA compliant video service. Telehealth is a convenient way to access therapy for a variety of reasons (mobility issues, confidential concerns, medical conditions, travel, and certain clinical conditions that make leaving the home challenging).

Are you a good candidate for Telehealth sessions? You are if you:

    • have a confidential place to talk,
    • have a smart phone or computer with video.
    • have Highmark or UPMC policies (or $100 per session).
    • are not in crisis or need a crisis appointment.
    • are 18 or older.

The way it works is, you will be sent a link to set up a confidential username and password that gives you access to the HIPPA compliant video conferencing sessions. You can also email your therapist through this portal to ensure confidentiality, schedule your own appointments, and pay your session fee or copay all through the same website. All paperwork is similar to seeing a therapist in person and will be sent electronically and privately through our website. As with seeing a face to face therapist, your signature will need to be on electronic file prior to your first session and can be uploaded through the private email server. If you think this is a good option for you. Please contact the office manager at (724) 772-4949, option 104 and she will explore this further with you and help you get scheduled with a therapist providing these services.

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